P a r d i p             R a i

Pardip  Rai,  born June 10th in the beautiful state of Punjab, India. She speaks Punjabi, English and some Hindi.  Pardip started out writing as an outlet to express her thoughts and imagination.  After 5 years of on and off writing and many road blocks she finally released a book inspired by her re-occuring dreams - The Veiled Kingdom was published in 2011. A Pumpkin Named Jack is a short story she has wrote for childeren in the spirit of Halloween. With the great response on her first book, she published Forever a Whisper in March 2013. A book suitable for adults that deals with romance, betrayal, mystery and tragedy. Pardip  graduated with a dental degree only to leave it behind to move on to other pursuits. Naturally, she used her creative and business side and launched her own natural skin care company, Shayari Beauty - now under new owners. Currently, Pardip has a busy year working with many other creative individuals on collaboration projects. She describes herself, "I'm a spirit full of amazing ideas and love networking to create beautiful masterpeices!" 

You can catch more of Pardip and her work, as she is the Editor-in - Chief of a fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine. KHUSHI Magazine is geared to the South Asian women living abroad in U.S and North America. It's a one of a kind magazine that aims to be practical with its fashion and beauty columns. 
The success of her magazine has widely spread with readers all around the world though it was launched only recently in May 2013.
visit www.khushimagazine.com for more information.

Pardip resides in Orange County in the beautiful state of California. 
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