Welcome to my Blog. where you can get all the updates. 


I am having a great time with the new novel I have been working on. While The Veiled Kingdom was my first book and I love the story, I still had a little more growing to do with writing. This time around I'm working hard on (name soon to be announced) the new one. If you have read The Veiled Kingdom, it is totally opposite of that. While that was in an era of royal luxuries this novel will be set in present day. I'm also excited and a little stuck on the novel cover. If you like romance, drama and mystery this will be a good read. 


Anything looking different? I updated my site's look. I originally had this site with a very vibrant pink and white combo, however I just wasn't feeling it as my personality. I wanted the site to represent me and my novels. 

On another note, read an intresting book today and looking forward to more of them. Any suggestions?

Check out www.khushimagazine.com for our latest issue featuring the lovely Rasha Goel. We have also updated our website.

Shhh Something new is coming!